These Social Media Tools Will Streamline Your Activities And Keep Them On Point

Thursday, July 19, 2012 07:43
These Social Media Tools Will Streamline Your Activities And Keep Them On Point

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We’re all trying to up our social media presence and yet keep the time we spend doing social media activities from being intrusive on other essential functions of our practices. Here are some tips to streamline how you use social media and make your involvement more effective at the same time.

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Create a backlog of posts that you can draw on when you’re pushed for time. Having a storehouse of blog posts, pictures, videos, or quotes you can pull out at will keeps you posting regularly no matter what’s happening in your busy schedule.
Use social media aggregation tools like TweetDeck and HootSuite. This will coordinate your posting across multiple platforms.
An editorial calendar will set up a schedule of deadlines to impose upon yourself to make sure you are posting regularly. They also help you coordinate guest bloggers, presenters, and commenters.
Hiring an intern or staff member to manage your social media involvement can interject fresh ideas into your social media program. What’s important is to keep your message consistent. But if you try to do it all yourself, you may end up spending more time than you should on this part of your marketing activities.
Using your phone to post from while you’re standing in line somewhere, making use of Google alerts, and implementing RSS feeds are other tools that can streamline your social media presence.
It’s important to remember that social media thrives on authenticity and being in the moment. People want to know what you’re interested in. Making use of these tools can help you fold social media activities into your day seamlessly and with minimal effort.

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