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Market Volatility The Subject Of A New Email Newsletter Campaign
Friday, October 17, 2014 10:50


This week’s market highly volatile stock market performance is the subject of a timely new email campaign that can be sent out by advisors.
The new campaign is based on the latest analysis by economist Fritz Meyer, delivered during his monthly update on Advisors4Advisors.com. Read more...
Cause Of AdvisorVault Outage Is Fixed; Plus, A Lesson On Transparency And Marketing
Friday, October 10, 2014 18:19

AdvisorVault, thankfully, rarely experiences a system-wide problem. But we did have one Thursday afternoon between 1 and 6 p.m. ET. We received 11 calls from advisors expressing concern. The problem prevented users from being able to upload files. I apologize to all of our users and thank the 11 users who called in. While tech companies rarely tell you what caused an outage, I want to tell you what happened to make a point using transparency in marketing.

Free Newsletter Content: Tax Loss Harvesting
Monday, August 18, 2014 18:04

Tags: client communication | client education | tax efficient investing | Tax-efficient investing

Do you want to inform your clients about how you are saving them money? I usually add content to the quarterly newsletter we send out. Here is a recent article about tax loss harvesting. Please feel free to use this as is or edit.

Trey Byrnes, CPA-Turned Wealth Manager, Talks About His Five Years Of Experience In Email Marketing
Friday, August 08, 2014 21:21

Tags: advisor websites | email marketing | marketing

Here, in his own words, is the story of Trey Byrnes, CPA-turned-wealth manager and the founder of Inverness Financial Group of Newburyport, Mass.

Since late 2008, Byrnes has been sending contacts a branded email newsletter created by Advisor Products, and he shares his experience of those five years. Keep in mind, he is yet to benefit from our recently inked strategic partnership with Constant Contact

I go to my website and sign a couple of people up for my email newsletter every month – referral sources and prospects. About 10 of the approximately 140 people I signed up to receive the newsletter over the last five years became clients. Many are people I barely know. This is the best marketing tool I have ever used.

This quarter, someone became a client who I met five years ago and added to the email newsletter list way back then. It’s a $1 million client if it all works out over the next few months. She sold a piece of real estate in early June. She had been receiving my email newsletter every Friday afternoon since I added her to the subscriber list five years ago. She called me two weeks before the closing, scheduled an appointment, and signed up as an advisory client shortly thereafter. I never had a single conversation with her in that five-year period other than sending her the weekly email. She lives in another state.

Earlier this year, a local prospect signed up for the newsletter. After receiving the newsletter for about three months, he called and set up an appointment. At our first meeting, he decided to become an advisory client and transferred $400,000 in assets. He also mentioned the effectiveness of our newsletter.

How do I explain the success of this email newsletter? It’s just a touch, a weekly touch on Fridays. But people love it. To the best of my knowledge, fewer than 15 people unsubscribed in five years — and most of those were people changing their email addresses. That’s unheard of! Everyone gets so many emails every day, but people love the market recap grid at the top of the email, the weekly news coverage and concise presentation.

Clients don’t realize the email newsletter is automated. So I get emails asking me why I am at the office late on a Friday night. It’s an amazing tool to remind people I am here. It has also proven to be a very easy way for subscribers to make a referral by simply forwarding the newsletter to a friend or colleague that might be interested in my services.

It will be interesting with constant contact because I will be able to see which articles each person reads.

I’ve hired consultants for marketing, and I’ve done mailings, and I even led a series of webinars a few years ago, but nothing I’ve ever done has been as effective as the Advisor Products weekly email newsletter.

Advisor Products is so far ahead of everyone else in the space. I was with AdvisorsSquare before API and was disappointed. While my BD at the time was promoting other vendors, I switched to API anyway. It is more expensive, but for me it has been worth every penny. After comparing products over the years, I feel API is a in whole different league than its competition.



How To Leverage Your Social Network To Get Important Work Done Fast, Easy And Cheap
Tuesday, July 22, 2014 13:36

Tags: managing | Social Media

Two weeks ago, David Lucs, who has worked as a project manager at Advisor Products for over six years, called me into a conference room and resigned. It was totally unexpected. Replacing a person with David’s integrity and loyalty would not be easy. And Dave managed dozens of projects carefully at one time.  


This is a personal story that illustrates the power of social networking in business, and how organically social media enables people you to work with people who can help you succeed. 

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