The 10 Commandments Of Social Media Etiquette

Monday, July 09, 2012 20:37
The 10 Commandments Of Social Media Etiquette

Tags: client communications | marketing | Social Media

This is a a refreshingly caustic story that takes shots at people who lost their jobs six months ago and are now procilaiming themslves to be social media gurus.

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I'm seeing a huge increase in snake oil salesmen who know noithing about financial advice and a little about social media and search engines and parlaying that into marketing engagements. The trends started three years ago with the surge in open-source devleopment content management systems like WordPress and Joomla, but it has take gained strength in recent months as the economy has worsened, throwing more people out of work and transforming them into overnight Web gurus.


This story captures thatbtrend and also nails the ridiculous oversharing, slef0-indulgence, and naivete of many advisors marketing by using social media.



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